The creative inspiration behind the FWDI can be attributed to a Far West family.  Having multiple youth ski racers, they embraced the opportunity to experience the world as a ski racing family, committing to supporting the sport at the highest level while finding a way to progress the education of their children at the same time.  Through their adventures they have had the good fortune to meet many amazing people and experience different methods and modalities of teaching.


   What they found was missing was a very visual guide for young skier racers that was grounded in the fundamentals of a good turn.  The family had also learned a lot along their journey and wanted to make the process easier for new athletes and parents, therefore increasing the engagement and longevity in the sport.  Thus was born the idea for the Young Skier’s Guide: Fundamentals of Ski Racing.  The contents were not only to include stunning visuals (for pictures speak a 1000 words), but also a ‘Athlete Corner’ and ‘Parent Corner’ that would provide both some philosophical outlook on the sport and some very practical advice that would demystify some of the basic practical hurdles newcomers can encounter.


     This vision and the idea at the end served as a catalyst for the Division to unify and come together under the umbrella of FW Development Initiative, sparking a closer collaboration between the Programs of the FW Division. 


    The family provided a donation to design and produce this Young Skier’s Guide and the accompanied Coach Pocket Guide.  To jumpstart the initiative, they also committed to  publish these books and to give one to every U12 in the Far West Division for the 2018/19 season.