This Young Skier's Guide, Fundamentals of Ski Racing, is a  visual guide with montages and stills of world cup ski racers that grounds the beginning ski racer in the fundamentals of a turn.  Selected montages are accompanied by QR codes played at half speed, so that the young racer can also view the turn sequence in motion to absorb the nuances of the fundamentals in action. 


The booklet contains an athlete section on, “How to become the best racer you can be,” and also a Parent Corner full with tips on how to support one’s athlete and the nuts and bolts of the sport.


Although targeted to the U12 athlete, it can be a valuable resource and tool for a racer of any level.  



A companion to the Young Skier's  Guide, the Coach Pocket Guide is designed for the coach to take on the hill. 


The Pocket Guides references the same world cup montages and stills as the Young Skier's guide, so the athletes and coaches are working off the same visuals. It includes a short explanation of the Key Concepts, what to look for, why, identification of common mistakes in execution, as well as drills for addressing these.  


The 4x6 spiral bound book is printed on special weather-proof paper with rounded corners for easy pocket storage.